Igor Khabarov

Russian neoclassical composer


Hello! My name is Igor and I'm glad to see you on my website. My journey through a music world is not a long one and it have just started. I was taught to play piano by my friend when I was a child. For years that was my hobby. And then I started to create my own music. I played on different stages, wrote music for poets and film-makers. Today I'm happy to present you my first EP released on American record label HUSH. 

My approach to writing music is quite simple – when I have free time I just sit at the piano and start pushing keys. I have no plan, no preliminary melody or pattern in my mind. I can play hours until I catch something really cool. My music has meditative effect on me. I like very much to write music in continuous, endless manner. When it is so it can fill the whole space around me. Don't hesitate and try listening! I promise you'll feel the same!


Art: Anna Voznesenskaya

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